Green Web Hosting Please!

As the internet continues to grow both in size and importance, we need to become more aware of the impact that it will have on the overall environment. Here is where we just want to sound out our call for everyone to consider green web hosting providers.

And of course, you can guess how glad we are to see that our web host is on that list. To be honest, green hosting was not one of the criteria when we first selected our web hosting. But the fact that as we gain more awareness, it is an area that we are beginning to take note of. So, seeing that we are hosted on a 100% wind powered web host sure makes us glad.

Of course, you can check out any web hosting directory to find a web host that you like. But while going through your selection, do try to see if any of those on your short list are also green hosts.

Sure, your web site will likely not generate enough heat to melt the polar caps, but then again, every little bit helps!