Farmer or Hunter During Economic Winter

I was talking to a friend and he felt that one should not work too hard during the economic winter.

Farmers do not go out to sow seeds in winter. Instead, they visit families, eat and sleep (nice tradition for Chinese New Year). So should you. Take a vacation. Go away for a few months. Reserve your energy and resources during the Winter.

Sure, farmers do not sow in winter for all seeds will not bloom and grow in the cold. In fact, all farmers know the necessity of keeping enough food stock to survive the winter without working. The rich farmers can keep enough for reserve and sell the rest for profits, what about the poor farmers?

Businesses are like the farms. What happens to businesses that do not have existing activities that will tide them until spring comes? These businesses will not be able to act like rich farmers.

What does a poor farmer do during the snow-locked winter?

Let’s see … He has to take up a secondary profession or he will starve and freeze to death. He can elect to be Rag and Bone Man scavenging on whatever left and make a living out of it. He can also chose to be a hunter, take his rifle and make a kill for the table.

The chances of the Rag and Bone man picking up a diamond among the junk are slim. However, insightful detective work, powerful leg work and trained focus and patience can certainly land the hunter plenty of meat and bacon. I would elect to be the hunter. Load up the gun, dress warmly, pack enough food for a few days and then start out on the off-beaten tracks to scrutinize all the animal tracks on the ground and smell the scents in the air. Troublesome as it may sound, i reckoned the hunter has a better chance to survive winter. If the hunter is in luck to find several game tracks, he must be focused and decide if he wants to go down this or that trail.  He needs to examine his strengths, opportunity and resources to ensure a kill, otherwise the trip will be futile and possibly deadly in the snowy cold winter. Once he has decided what prey to bring down, he has to consider his strategy – pursue and chase relentlessly or select a great spot to wait for the opportunity before he strikes, or lay down some traps and wait patiently. The strategy will help him further decide the tactics to use.

What will you do if you were the poor farmer? Care to share your thoughts?

P.S.: I also like to tag Anja Merret, Calvin Warr, Lisa Tan-Koh, Laura Spencer, Robin BalSolomon , Walter Lim to carry on this discussion here and in their blogs.

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