Give your Facebook password for a job?

I just read this article and have been hearing a lot about this topic from various sources. In essence, this is a case of trust. If the company does not believe what you say and want your passwords to verify, then it begs the question: why are they hiring you?

If the interviewer asked you to undress to “verify” that you are male/female, would you do it?

If the interviewer asked you for your bank PIN codes so they can “verify” you are ask rich/poor as you claim, would you do it?

Everyone knows that an interview process and background checks do not guarantee that you will end up hiring a top notch employee. There are just too many factors. Even a top-gun coming into an environment where he cannot get along with other colleagues, will make him a mediocre performer at best and a destructive force at worse.

If you entered an online contest and it asked you for your Facebook password to win $1 million – will you do it?

Asking for passwords to delve deeper into a person’s private live is not really ethical. It is called prying. So, why is it wrong in your neighbourhood but becomes right when a prospective employer does it?

There is a word for doing something in return for the hopes of getting paid… let’s not say the word out loud…

Green Web Hosting Please!

As the internet continues to grow both in size and importance, we need to become more aware of the impact that it will have on the overall environment. Here is where we just want to sound out our call for everyone to consider green web hosting providers.

And of course, you can guess how glad we are to see that our web host is on that list. To be honest, green hosting was not one of the criteria when we first selected our web hosting. But the fact that as we gain more awareness, it is an area that we are beginning to take note of. So, seeing that we are hosted on a 100% wind powered web host sure makes us glad.

Of course, you can check out any web hosting directory to find a web host that you like. But while going through your selection, do try to see if any of those on your short list are also green hosts.

Sure, your web site will likely not generate enough heat to melt the polar caps, but then again, every little bit helps!

Are You a Born Entrepreneur?

A few days ago, I read a very interesting article by Greg Watson where he declared “Entrepreneurs are Born”. I wrote a post on that but that title kept echoing in my head. Well, I took a long hard look at myself and I had to conclude that I was born “normal”. No trace of the entrepreneur in my blood. Yet, I run two ad agencies today, have my fingers in several ventures here and there. Am I an “entrepreneur”?

You can read my post Entrepreneurs Are Born and then, I would like to hear what all of you have to say about this. There is already a lively on-going discussion through the Comments, but I would still like to see those who haven’t share their thoughts to contribute, so that we can share and learn from each other.

In fact, I am so fascinated by this right now, that I would like to tag a few people whom I really respect and hear their views. I’m inviting you to share your views on entrepreneurship in your blogs, and we might just have some more interesting insights to further enrich our life journey.

I’m inviting … … Asgeir Hoem ~ Calvin Warr ~ David Airey ~ Dave Olson ~ Ken Chee ~ Laura Spencer ~ Priscilla Palmer ~ Robin Bal ~ Walter Burek

I’ll include your links here for easy reference.

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Entrepreneurs Are Born

Through the course of work, I have met some very capable marketing executives climbing the corporate ladder very successfully. They make a good income, collect fat bonuses and receive their deserving promotions year after year. With their knowledge and experience, they could have started their advertising agencies, marketing consultancy or branding expertise companies easily. However, they have no guts to quit. And they admit it readily, maybe with a hint of resignation.

I know exactly how they feel. I was moving along really well as an Account Executive in a full-fledged advertising agency. I made it to Senior Manager in a few short years and everything looked set for life – Directorship, here I come. I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, even when everything went to the dogs, the agency shut down, my next employer laid us off within months, I still never thought to start my own company! I was trained to get my degree, get a good job and be set for life. At that point, it was more like “be sad for life…”

During that economic downtime in 1998, I was barely making a living running projects for a few ad agencies. They could not hire me full time. Then, one day, a financial controller from one of the agencies asked me a question that set me on a totally different path. He asked: “You are already running the entire project for this agency, why then, are you not running your own advertising agency?”

That question struck me from out of the blue. I was not a “boss”. I did not even know how to spell “entrepreneur”. But what he said was so totally true, I was doing everything short of hanging out my own shingles! With that realization, I took a huge step. With less than $3,000 in the bank, and nothing to fall back on, I started my own company. My first check came in at a whopping $117.00 which did not even cover the fees for me to register and setup my own company. But it was the sweetest hundred-odd dollars I ever had.

“Entrepreneurs have a need to achieve; and once having done so, the need to do it all over again.” – Greg Watson

Am I an entrepreneur, born and true, because I run 2 ad agencies today? Frankly, after reading this excellent article by Greg Watson on “DNA of an Entrepreneur” where he declared: Entrepreneurs are Born, I have my doubts.

I have done all the things that an entrepreneur need to do. However, I do not see myself as having the character of a born entrepreneur as defined by Greg Watson and as outlined in the brief, but poignant article. I have trained, no, forced myself to become an excellent entrepreneur for the sake of survival. I’m good at that but I was definitely not born to it. The fire was not in-built, it was ignited by force of the circumstance and environment. This is why when I read Jim Collins’ Good to Great, I have to admit that I am merely at level “Good”. It’s takes much more commitment and sacrifices to make it to “Greatest”. And in the midst of “taking care of business”, I doubt I have the fortitude to make it that final step. But I know that as I strive to give the best value to my clients in each and every project, I am inching towards a higher greatness. Maybe one day, despite my not being born and entrepreneur, I can stand at the finish line, look back, and declare “What a successful entrepreneurial journey!”

For those marketers who are starting their entrepreneurial journey or wondering if they have what it takes to be successful, I strongly recommend you to read Greg Watson’s 10 characteristics and 1 core value of entrepreneurship in his aptly titled “DNA of an Entrepreneur“.

~ ~ ~

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