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Sex Advertising in Singapore

It would not be a surprise to find this ad in some progressive European country. Or in the USA. Or any where else, in fact, except in (surprise! surprise!) – Singapore. When the ad was first launched, the hapless Burger … Continue reading

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Great Ad 20: I am a Virgin

Advertising Agency: Contract Advertising, Thailand ~Executive Creative Director: Manirat Banthukamphon ~ Art Directors: Kavin Sitsayanaren, Manirat Banthukamphon ~ Copywriter: Manisa Orprasert ~ Published: October 2008 If you have a commodity-type product and you do not quite know how to sell … Continue reading

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Great Ad 18: Tulipan Rabbit Ads

Do read my previous post on Durex Extra Safe Stork Ad if you have not so that you can join us in deciding if you like the stork condom ads better or this condom series from Tulipan. Advertising Agency: Y&R, … Continue reading

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Great Ad 17: Durex Extra Safe Stork Ads

Today is one of those lucky days where I have a breather to go blog visiting and I chose to roam at Ivan’s Ads of the World. For us in the advertising and design industry, Ivan’s blog is a treasure … Continue reading

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Business Slogan 41: Screw Yourself

I have always maintained that sex sells in advertising. Still, I raised my eyebrows and grinned with great amusement when I first saw this business slogan. Imagine, a clean-cut, family oriented furniture mega store is using “sex” to sell it’s … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall …

I just read a hilarious post by Calvin Warr. You see, our friend was screaming that all the liposuction and slimming ads were discriminating against the guys. The communications – from graphics to text – do not talk to big … Continue reading

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Sex In Advertising?

Does sex really sell? Well, you decide for yourself. Jef Richards, an advertising professor with The University of Texas, Austin, said “In advertising, sex sells. But only if you’re selling sex.” Not according to the a survey conducted by MediaAnalyzer. … Continue reading

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Great Ad 3: Happy Father’s Day

This is one ad that made me laugh out so loud when I first saw it. Durex’s copy says: ” To all those who use our competitors’ products: Happy Father’s Day” Why is it powerful?

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