Snail Mail Promotion is Not Dead Yet

Do you read all your emails? Not all, I expect.

A typical answer from those who receive tens or hundreds of emails from all kinds of people everyday will be: “I just read those emails from friends, colleagues and networks I’m with and delete the rest.”

Plus, spam filters don’t work all the time. I’m sure you get your fair share of Viagra, penis enlargement, breast enlargement, replica watch offers in your InBox every day. I’m certain you just delete them without reading. And sometimes, even when the title is rather inn0cuous like “A Proposal” or “Staff Recruitment Offers”, you would choose to delete the email because you don’t recognize the name on the email address, yes?

It is not surprising that response rates for email based marketing campaigns are hurting, especially when marketers only have one line of text in the subject field to make an impact. Having said that, email marketing is far from dead. Imaging if you have a 25,000 database and this is a click rate of 10%, you still have 2,500 pairs of eyeballs attracted by your offers.

What I like to say here : Don’t ditch email marketing, however, supplement your campaign with good old direct mail. In recent years,¬† many marketers choose to re-connect with those consumers who don’t read e-advertisements¬† in their InBox, and this has resulted in the resurgences of physical (or snail) mail. A flyer left on the table gets seen several time a day, usually unintentionally, and effortlessly; not the email. Naturally, marketers who have deep pockets and are willing to splurge on creative copy and design and huge print-run stands to gain lots.

In short, snail mail promotion need not slow down just because we have modern communications methods online.

Digital Picture Frame as Advertising Panel

digital photo frameThere was a small eatery shop opposite my office selling Peranankan food (that is, fusion food combines Malay, Chinese and other influences into a unique blend) Initially, the barely decorated shop only had 2 to 3 tables occupied during lunch time. There was no signboard. The only attraction was a single row of 8R photographs showing sambal chicken, assam fish, etc, stuck on the glass panel using transparent tapes. Needless to say, people who were opposite the road, on the bus or rushing pass to get to the bus-stop will not know about the mouth-watering dishes. Continue reading “Digital Picture Frame as Advertising Panel”

Freebies, Bonuses, Surprise Gifts … the customers love them

I was at the World Internet Summit for 4 days. The most talked about topics were traffic generation, sales conversion and irresistible offers. What is an irresistible offer? Basically, it is such a good deal that you will not want to walk away from it. And if you did, you would forever lament the great loss you incurred by doing so.

Kellogg's BowlFor the internet marketers who sell e-information, their freebies, bonuses and mystery gifts would also be e-information, be it an ebook or software. For the offline marketers, the preferred choice would be a physical product that customers can see, feel, touch, smell or hear. Continue reading “Freebies, Bonuses, Surprise Gifts … the customers love them”

Selling 10,091 Books In One Day is Possible!

Tung Desem Waringin

A Report on National Achiever Congress, 24 – 25 May 2007: Tung Desem Waringin

Before you said “so what”, please note that the only author that ever surpassed this figure is the billionaire writer who wrote Harry Potter.

You might not know who Tung Desem Waringin is, but you will surely be impressed that he is the number 1 success coach, public speaker and writer that broke the Guinea Book of World Records in Indonesia.

His success is a combination of personal belief and massive action. On stage at the National Achiever Congress held in Singapore from 24-25 May 2007, Tung was an engaging and animated speaker, gesturing and pounding the podium excitably, urging everybody to have “Clear Goals”, “Strong Reasons” and “Learn from the best to do the Best”. Tung revealed that his editor said he could only have National Bestseller stamp on the book cover if sale exceeds 3000 copies. So there can be no such stamp on the first run. Tung did not like what he heard. He made a personal challenge to sell 10,000 copies by the launch day. The other challenge was he only had one week to realize his goal. Continue reading “Selling 10,091 Books In One Day is Possible!”