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Have you given up on email marketing?

By now, most of us have experienced email fatigue. That is the point at which we wish we never had an email address to begin with. Yet, ask anyone today if they were willing to give up their email address, … Continue reading

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Have you heard of managed hosting?

For those who have experienced it before, you know that when you site gets into trouble, it is a painful experience. We recently got our site taken down because someone hacked through some WordPress loophole. Anyway, it’s all good now. … Continue reading

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How Important is it to have Exact Keyword Match Domain Name

Just a few days, I was talking with a few people in a well known online forum. There was this guy who was quite prepared to throw in his towel in internet marketing. Basically, Bob has invested more than $60,000 … Continue reading

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Small Business Web Hosting Revisited

Just a few days ago, we explored some thoughts about small business webhosting. Seems like it never rains but pours… Here we are again, just barely a few days down the road and I run across another webhosting review site … Continue reading

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Small Business Web Sites

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a “distress email” with regards to her website. Apparently, she bought a webhosting package about 6 months ago, then suddenly, she got an email that informed her about the service closing down! Can … Continue reading

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Small Business Web Hosting

In our previous post, we talked about web sites and translations. Thank you for your comments and feedback. But one of the challenges facing many of us, other than creating a great website, is how to get started in the … Continue reading

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Survey First Before Choosing a Cheap Web Hosting Provider

I said recently that cheap web hosting can be good but one got to be discerning. I checked 3 things before I settled with my current web hosting provider: The response rate of the short-listed web hosting provider by sending … Continue reading

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Can Cheap Web Hosting be Good?

I have an interesting tea party yesterday with a few blogger-friends. Almost everyone was lamenting that their wallets were getting empty faster with the impact of rising fuel price. One said he will have to cut down on smoking, which … Continue reading

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