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Sales Copy That’s Too Good To Be True – as published by KB Affiliate in 2007

You’re Good. But Are You Too Good to Be True? When you read a well crafted, long, sales letter on the web telling you how “I made $341,000 and so can you…”; how do you feel? This guy promises to … Continue reading

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Marketers, We Sell Hope and Lots of Hopes

In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope. ~ Charles Revson Yet many marketers failed to understand that it is hope that we are selling, not the features of the products. I couldn’t said it better … Continue reading

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Lousy Ad: Häagen-Dazs’ French Riviera

This banner looks like most other Häagen-Dazs’ banners, simple, straight-forward and discreet.  Yet this banner has stirred up a tide of nationalism among India nationals in Delhi, India, demanding Haagen Dazs be fined or thrown out of the country, or … Continue reading

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Differences between Headlines and Slogans

A reader, Ed Klein, asked “How do you best go about copywriting a slogan?” in my earlier post, 7 Famous Slogans of 20th Century. I offered the “standard” answers that we all look at 1. brand promise (what is my … Continue reading

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My Thoughts as a Copywriter

Solomon Raju is a long-time reader of this blog. He has a deep passion for words and recently he has decided to go full time into professional copy-writing. In the past few months, he has gone through many ups and … Continue reading

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Will They Respect Us The Morning After?

Free Pitching to get new clients is a common practice within the advertising industry. However, does it make it right? Is it also a choice that spells success for the agency and the client? Recently I was invited by “Marketing” … Continue reading

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Famous Headline 1: They laughed when I sat down at the piano, but when I started to play!”

A headline is an ad within an ad. More than 80% of people would read the headline to decide if they should bother with the rest of the text and details. This famous headline is voted by many copywriters as … Continue reading

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Features Vs Benefits – Do You Know The Difference?

I have been talking quite a bit on copy recently, from the importance of having headlines that sell, avoiding copy that sounds too good to be true to how to brief a copywriter to get the best work accomplished. Today, … Continue reading

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