Blogging Is No fun Without Friends

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked. ~Author Unknown

Best Friends Award

When I started blogging in February 2007, my intention is simply to share my knowledge and experience on marketing and advertising with lots of passion, honesty and integrity. I wanted to add value in other people’s life as my mentors, peers, colleagues, business partners and associates had done to me. They are my light houses. Without them, I will be totally at sea. Little did I know that blogging enlarged my social circle. I know more people and made some really nice friends along the way.

Bokjae of Listening..Learning..Living bestowed me the honour of a “Best Friends” award. This award warms my heart instantly and greatly. Blogging is certainly no fun without friends. I thank Bokjae for his friendship and by being so supportive in many, many ways.

Grace Pulpit aptly said “A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.”

Oprah Winfrey shared: “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

I like to share this award with a few bloggers whom I have utmost respect for their quality blogs. They have offered invaluable feedback and insights via the comment boxes or emails and I appreciate their friendship very, very much.

  1. Asgeir Hoem
  2. Calvin Warr
  3. Dave Olson
  4. David Airey
  5. Jerry of Africa Safari
  6. Laura Spencer
  7. Priscilla Palmer
  8. Robin Bal
  9. Walter Lim

and a special reader-copywriter of this blog, Solomon Raju.

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My Additions to The W-List of Outstanding Women Bloggers

I only learned of this W-List of Outstanding Women Bloggers when Priscilla Palmer added my name to it. I am deeply honored, and truly appreciative, of being included in the W-List, originally started by Liz Strauss. I am in awe to be included among some very influential women bloggers. My immediate thoughts were “I must be doing something right” and “I got to stay true to my objective of sharing my knowledge and experience in marketing and advertising with integrity, passion and honesty.” Otherwise, I would let my readers down as well as Priscilla Palmer and Laura Spencer, who awarded me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award very recently.

I was curious how the W-List came about and I found the answer at Liz Strauss’s W-List post : “Are there truly 5+ to 1 men bloggers to women bloggers? Why should we care? We should care because women are great at conversation, strategy, and writing. We should care for the same reason that no one should be overlooked.” She concluded her post by another question: “What women bloggers can you add?”

I would like to add these heavy-weights:

MomGadget by Gayla
WritingThoughts by Laura Spencer
RandaClay by Randa Clay

to the following list: Continue reading “My Additions to The W-List of Outstanding Women Bloggers”

I’m “Rockin’ Girl Blogger”!?

I almost fell off my chair when Laura Spencer at WritingThoughts awarded me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award. It was totally unexpected and a wonderful, wonderful surprise after a long, hard day at work.


I wasn’t expecting it. I have only just started this blog on 27 February 2007 and I believe I still have a long way to go. My primary, and original objective, was to share my knowledge, experience and expertise honestly and openly as I really, really like the creative industry. I would have been more than pleased if I merely attracted more business and clients through the blog. I never expected to make so many new friends and to have the opportunity to network with really cool people.

What I didn’t expect, when I started blogging, was that I would gain so much knowledge from so many people all over the world within such a short time. Designers, Copywriters, Brand Specialists, Finance Experts, Personal Growth Coaches; the list goes on and on. What I treasure most is the online friendships that have blossomed. Take Laura Spencer for instance, not only do I like her writing, I like her stand in several topics. I find her friendly, warm, forthcoming and she is a copywriter I would call upon for my projects when the opportunity arises.

The best part of the Rocking Girl Blogger Award is that I get to pick new recipients for the award. Here are my picks:

Chris deserves the awards as her views are also practical and to the point. One gains lots of insight from any short posts of hers. I can feel Priscilla’s sincerity in the words she used and it made reading her blog very enriching.

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