22 Responses to Why is Logo Design That Important?

  1. I work in advertising and I’ve seen some pretty strange logo’s in my time, in fact I’ve created a few of my own for some of my clients who just insist that they want a logo in such a way. What’s the point of hiring an agency if you don’t take their advise, rite? But then again, it’s their money … :)

  2. I know exactly how you felt. I would practice: (1) Jay Abraham’s theory of preminence whereby I patiently explained our branding concept, thought flow, sketch prcess etc and hopefully this will enable to review the work in a new light. (2) Chris Jordan (my ex-boss)’s thoery of “Cash for Trash”. Do exactly what the client instructed as ultimately this is his commissioned work, his money and his decision.

  3. Goitsemang Majaga says:

    logo, logo design, business logo, corporate logo, company logo, logo designer, brand, branding, why is logo important, marketing, advertising, new business, new logo, what if logos are similar and the difference are colours and font used?

  4. Hi Gitsemang
    Logo is important because it is a visual short-cut to your brand identity (i.e., who you are, what you represent, how you do, where you stand etc). If you have a logo that is identical to another company with the difference being colour and font, you could possibly be seen as a “follow-me” or worse, a copy-cat especially if the other brand is a stronger competitor. This might not be all as you may be face with legal suits. I have discussed this in this post, No Big Deal if Your Logo is Similar to Another?

  5. Goitsemang Majaga says:

    hi Vienne Quek!i would like to get the meaning of a logo, its purpose , its value and also why is it important for a business to have a logo can’t i run my bussines with a logo.
    Does a logo always have to be colour full evry time it is designed, does the font used and colours applied matters?

  6. MClogoID says:

    thanks,nice post again! had read your other post the other day.Great ideas.

  7. Glad to see the Importance of Logo Design for the purpose of Design your own logo

    A logo is a graphical portion, ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon and sign that, jointly with its logo industry form a trademark

  8. Thanks for making people aware of how important to have a good logo is.

  9. Hi Mark
    I have my fair share of being irked by potential clients who are only willing to pay pennies for something so important.

  10. My pleasure, Mark. Sometimes, I think we are also in education business, guiding our clients and prospects engaging in better marketing efforts.

  11. Matt Kent says:

    Logos are interesting. For people stand stand and comment on one logo is not necessarily a bad sign. They are most likely going to recall this logo. I will add however, the best I have seen recently is the new restaurants for MCdonalds in Tokyo. No fan fare, no bright Mcdonalds lights and colors. Just a double cheeseburger on a black wall. This is it. Wow it is strong and powerful. It provides a sense of class to the remainder gray and cream interior. It is quiet and calming, yet the double cheeseburger well the rest we know.

  12. Mouthguards says:

    It is definitely very important. A logo sums up the quality of a business with just an image. People should put extra focus onto what their logos are because it could make or break their business. Choose a simple yet effective design so that your business can benefit to the maximum.

  13. Yes. Logo is a visual short-cut to what you stand for.

  14. Definitely a vital component of an upcoming business venture. Most people overlook its real importance.

  15. Jill Knowles says:

    A good logo is as important as a brand name. It has become very difficult to design unique logos that don’t look similar to ones that are already out there. Thank you for the article.

  16. Hi Jill
    Danger of having one’s logo too similar with another is about being sued. I shared on3 logo that were so similar that caused some upheaval, check out No Big Deal if Your Logo is Similar to Another. Thanks you your visit and comments. Cheers.

  17. Very insightful posting on logo design. A good looking logo design conveys a more professional image to the business and tells potential customers about quality work and delivery. As the famous saying goes “A picture tells a thousands words”.

  18. Nikki Sims says:

    I really believe that logo design is as important as the goal of the company is. Like here in the Philippines, we have a mall “SM” and kids of all ages know what SM means, it is synonymous to a mall. Even old people know that you are going to a mall if you say SM. So big shot companies have great teams who creates the best and memorable logos for them.

    Nikki Sims
    Webmasters at hotel supplies

  19. Yes, just like Kleenex is tissue and McDonalds is burger.

  20. Sarah Scott says:

    Logo simply identifies your brand and once your service or product is known, your logo will represent you in every places without even saying a word, an image of your logo is enough.

  21. Yes, Sarah, agreed with you totally.

  22. Logo’s are the marketing foundation for any business.

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